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Family-Owned Business

Riverside Wellness started with a passion for good quality products and has transformed into what you see today. 


Riverside Wellness is a local cannabis dispensary serving on the Russian River. We are open to the public as well as to medical patients. We provide a variety of great products from THC to CBD. We even have CBD for your pets!

Located in the heart of the beautiful Russian River, Riverside Wellness came to be the first dispensary in Sonoma County. It is also the third in all of California. We are dedicated to our community and our patients to provide the very best products. Everything that we carry in our store is chosen with care and is completely local. We strive to have knowledge and friendly staff. At Riverside, you should feel at home. 


100% LOCAL

Riverside Wellness is dedicated to making sure we provide only locally sourced and grown products. We are for the people by the people. All of our products are crafted with care by the local community. 

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